Story#11: The Fish’s Wishes, an allegory


A hungry little fish was about to gobble up a tiny snail when the snail shouted:  “Wait!  If you don’t eat me, I will grant you three wishes!”

The fish agreed, thinking that if the snail was lying he could eat him anyway.  And even if he did grant the wishes, the fish could still eat him.

“Chose wisely,” the snail warned.  “For wishes have consequences.”

First the fish wished to be human.  The novelty of walking on land wore off quickly as the fish could not get use to the feel of the air on his dry skin.

Next the fish wished to be a bird.  He enjoyed immensely soaring through the skies. but then something terrible happened.  A tremendous boom knocked him to the ground.  He lay dying from a gunshot wound, his life flowing quickly from him.

“I want to be back in the sea!” he made his final wish.

He awoke in the water to find a humongous round slimy thing.  It opened its gapping maw and swallowed him whole.

“What happened??” he asked the darkness.

“When you wished to be back in the sea, you didn’t say what you wanted me to turn you into,” said the voice of the snail.  “So I turned you into a bit of algae because the truth is I was hungry too.”

And the last sound the fish heard before he was digested was a loud obnoxious burp.


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