Story#15: For the Birds


We keep together in order to fool the eyes of those who would devour us.  Alone we are small and week.  Together we are many eyes and many voices and many wings.

Our song is deceptively simple, but to our ears it is complex.  Each of us has our own unique song that tells the history of our individual families.  When we are together, we share our songs in a spiritual chorus of our legency.  It is the way we teach our children about our enemies, our failures, our successes.  Sharing our song makes us all stronger.

I hear that humans say “For the birds” to mean something is frivolous.  For us it has a different meaning.  We say For the Birds when we wish to mean “for the good of all”.  For the birds, we watch.  For the birds, we make noise.  For the birds, we live.  We live.


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