Story#17: The Evil Wizard


An evil wizard cast an evil spell on a small town.

The curse placed a cloud of pessimism in the hearts and minds of every citizen of the town.  They became entirely hopeless, and therefore easily controlled.  Sadly, much to the joy of the wizard, their lives were apathetic and meaningless.

Many long generations passed this way, with many individuals living long, dreary, pointless lives all the way until they died.

Meanwhile the wizard thrived, growing fatter and wealthier on the sorrow of the people.

Eventually the wizard died of old age, for in the end wizards are only human.

Stuck in their habit of misery, the people continued their suffering for generation after generation.

One day a child was born with bright eyes and blazing hair was born.  He was beloved by all the townspeople for being handsome and kind.  He grew up to rule the town as mayor, and for a long time the town was happy and prosperous under his influence.

Then the mayor found the evil wizard’s book of spells.  His first thought was to burn it and destroy the horrible magic it held.  His second thought was to wonder what this magic was capable of.  So he cast a random spell.

It was a harmless one that turned a stone into a butterfly, but he was hooked.  The feeling of power overcame him, and he began to cast more and more spells.

Eventually he came upon the curse of pessimism.  He cast it over the townspeople.  Immediately every good thing he had done for them was reversed.  The poor people were reverted back to their horrifically miserable states.

The boy was now the new evil wizard, growing fat and wealthy at the expensive of others.

So easily he had become what he once had fought against.  So easy it is to turn into exactly what we despise.


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