Story#18: The Wisher


A young girl was born with an usual ability.  Sometimes, but not always, her wishes would come true.

Like when she was five, and she wished that she could fly.  That night she had a dream where she suddenly soared into the sky high above the trees.  She woke up in her bed with her heart pounding with fear, but, sure enough, she had flown.

Then when she was seven, she wished for bunny.  She got a chocolate one.  Of course, it was Easter, and most kids get a chocolate bunny on Easter.  Still she believed her wish had come true.

The next one did not happen until she was nearly ten, and she had made a terrible mistake of a wish. She was angry at her little brother, and she wished that he was dead.  As a result, he got very sick.  So sick he had to go the hospital.  Thankfully he recovered, but the girl would feel guilty for the rest of her life because of the wish she had made.

After this incident, the girl became very cautious with her wishes.  She vowed never to make a wish that could possibly hurt anyone.  Only wishes that would make herself or other people happy.

She did her best to be careful with her wishes.  Like the time she wished she could visit the sea, and instead her family ended up moving hundreds of miles to a city near the ocean.  She was devastated to leave her friends and home, but then she meet the person who would be her best friend for always.  As if in the long run it was all meant to be.

She wished to be an A student.  She got mostly B pluses.

She wished to own an orange tabby cat she could name Molly.  Her dad brought home a stray black cat they called Mystery.

She wished she could have a pink bike.  The bike she was given was red.

She wished a boy named Macon at school who often called her names would stop coming to school.  He ended up developing diabetes and missed a lot of school that year.  The girl felt so guilty that she vowed to stop wishing for 100 years.  She almost wished that she could never wish again.

Then a worse bully took Macon’s place.  He was big and mean and ugly.  Everyone hated him.  He smelled like spoiled beans and old hot dogs.  He would spit at kids and if they objected, he would throw them to the ground and stomp on them.  He pushed kids out of the way to be the first in line.  He took items from kids’ lunches, whatever he desired.  He tripped them on the playground making sure at least one kid went home with skinned knees and tears.  The teachers gave him detentions.  The principal talked to his parent every week.  But he was unstoppable.

The girl knew she was everyone’s only hope.  Once again she made the wish that this bully would never come back to school.  He came back the next day.

She wished that he would be nice.  Things only got worse.  The bully discovered the merits of trash.  He started stuffing rotten banana piles into smaller kids mouths.  He found a good use for toilet water, forcing kids to chose between drinking it or receiving a punch in the stomach.

The girl didn’t know what else to wish.  So instead of wishing, she decided to talk to him.

Her whole body was shaking when she walked up to him on the playground.  Children with unbelieving eyes slowly gathered around.  The bully towered over the girl.  He stood watching her, unsure how to respond to her.  Then she spoke:

“I wish you would stop,” she said quietly.

And it felt like the whole world just stopped.

Nothing happened.


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