Story#20.2: Emotions


Hate was depressed.  He was sick and tired of being known as the worst emotion.

Disgusted rolled her eyes and told everyone he was having a midlife crisis.

Worry bought him several self-help books and found an online forum for persons suffering from debilitating depression.

Anger yelled at him for a while in an AA, scared-straight sort of way which only made Hate feel worse.

Terror started to feel depressed himself and ran away screaming.  An ambulance had to be called.

Silly could not stop laughing and kept drawing funny pictures of animals to try to cheer him up.  Hate of course tore the pictures to pieces.

Despair wept for him to the point where everyone just wanted him to go away.

Flirtatious kept trying to get his attention by brushing against him and winking at him, but unfortunately she was one of the emotions Hate liked least of all so she eventually had to give up.

Shy thought he might have some very good advice as he has once been depressed himself.  He just couldn’t get himself to talk to Hate.

Gullible hung out with him for a little while then started to become depressed himself.

Bored found the whole thing tedious and told him to just get over it.

Jealous spouted a monologue about the dozens of reasons she was envious of Hate.  Hate thought it was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard.

Lazy, as usual, overslept and missed his meeting with Hate.  He tried to reschedule but by that time Hate stopped returning phone calls.

Overwhelmed had a panic attack when he remember that he had several overdo reports at work.

Mischievous thought it would cheer Hate up if he played a joke.  Of course it backfired and Hate nearly punched him in the nose.  Fortunately Brave was able to step in and break up the fight.

Excited got very jumpy and hopped around trying to tell Hate about the importance of him as an emotion to protect from harmful influences.  This only left Hate confused.  Annoyed, who could not stand Excited, got tangled up in the conversation which turned into a noisy quarrel.

Sadness and Happiness tried to intervene together.  Their attempt became so convoluted by their inherent contrariness that even Focused was unable to decipher their meaning.

Grief got too philosophical and religious, as Grief is often apt to do.

Inspired was much too poetic.

Enchanted, too lofty.

Strange, too obscure.

Intimidated, too shaky.

Obnoxious, too mean.

Compassionate, too smarmy.

Spiteful, destructive, talkative, guilty,lonely, and some many other were just ripe pains in the ass as far as Hate was concerned

Then came Love.

Love reached out and touched Hate in a way that no one else could.  Hate started to cry, and suddenly felt like all the emotions happening at one time.  Every single one.

“That is your true power,” Love said.

And even Hate could not argue with her.


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