Story#23: Living in a Truck

red pick up

Scoot lived in an old red AMC pickup truck.  He was sixty-two years old without a penny to his name.  Couldn’t get a job even if he wanted to.  Even though he could fix just about anything that wasn’t a computer.

Scoot didn’t finish the ninth grade and chose never to go back.  He never saw the wisdom in school.  It was easier to work and make money.  He decided to never marry after a girl broke his heart when he was 21.  “You don’t got no ambition,” he told her when he asked her to marry him.

Scoot got his name because he use to collect and fix old motor scooters.  He had a garage full of parts so people from all around would come to have him fix their scooters.  He made a modest living at it, but was never really able to save anything. Unfortunately he never bothered to study up on the parts he had.  Turns out he had a rare Vespa worth 10,000 dollars, even in the condition it was in.  The unfortunate thing was that a picker convinced him to sell it for 50 bucks.

Scoot had nothing after he retired, nothing but his big red pick up.  So he took to the road, and whenever he found something worth keeping he fixed it and tossed into the back of his truck.  Bicycles, strollers, shopping carts, whatever he could fit.  Then he would take these things and find people.  People who needed something.  He’d dig in the back of his truck and nine times out of ten he had something they could use.

Scoot got a reputation in town as the junk man with a heart.  The town he lived in had a lot of poor people.  They started to seek him out.  No matter who it was, Scoot did his best to help.  If he didn’t have anything, he would look out for it.  And when he found what they needed, he would find the person again to give it to them.

Scoot was a big guy.  Living in a truck took its toll on him.  Winter came and he barely lived through it.  Summer came and he slept outside on the ground.  Then one day when he was buying some chips at a 7 Eleven, he came back to find his truck gone.

Scoot felt like laying down to die.  But then the remarkable happened.  The poor people in town rallied around him.  Found him a place to live.  Gave him food to eat.  Gave him what he needed.  Returned the favor.

Scoot was an unhealthy man so he did not live long.  But he lived the rest of his life loved.


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