Story#24: The Dead


The first thing he did when he died was find his family so that he can watch them do the things they did when no one was around.  It proved immensely boring.

Next he decided to visit some ex-girlfriends.  The things they did in private proved much more interesting at first, until the one that broke his heart slept with a string of guys.

Then he wandered around watching strangers.  He was surprised by some of the things he saw.  Did people really act this way when no one was looking?  But in the end, none of this really effected him.  He had no emotional connection to these strangers, and so he could not care less about them.

That was when he had a strong desire to connect to people.  He would push things off of shelves, slam doors, or knock on walls.  He got a big kick out of how startled people would get.  Unfortunately this quickly got old too.

He tried to talk to people to see if anyone could hear him.  It didn’t matter what he would talk about.  He would just endlessly babble to see if he could get a reaction.

Years and years went by this way.  To him, the time went by in the blink of an eye.  He would just talk and talk and talk.  Soon the people around him became nonexistent in his mind.  He stopped paying any attention to them.  He would just walk around talking.

Until one day, someone responded.

“What did you say?” she asked.

And when he went to respond back, he found he could not speak.  Only cry.  Cry until they came to feed him or hold him or, at the very least, coo at him.


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