Story#25: Her Own Way


A lady decided she’d had enough of the rat race.

“Fuck this shit!” she said, and left her job as an actuary without a second glance.

She spent her life savings on a world cruise visiting castles in Germany, palaces in England, museums in France, and restaurants in Italy.  A dream come true.

She spent her retirement on a home in Belize where she took up surfing and body boarding.

She got a job at swimwear shop which she eventually ended up buying and made just enough money to get by with a month or two off a year to visit family back in the states.

Family and friends would bug her to come back home.  “Get a good paying good.”  “Find a man.”  “Have a family.”  “We worry about you.”

But she continued on.  Living her life her own way.

And the truth is, she died with no regrets.


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