Bonus Story: Holy Man


He fancied himself a holy man.  Went to church more than once a week.  Testafied regularly to his family and friends the glory of religion.  Spoke with an authority that proclaimed he was superior in thought and deed, that declared it was best to follow his way of thinking lest you end up in a place of death and destruction.

Ironically, when he was younger the holy man also enjoyed killing cats.  Especially when he was young.  Shooting them full of BBs.  Putting an arrow to their heads.  Tossing them thirty feet into the air onto a roadway.  Trapping them in the swimming pool.  He especially got a thrill seeing other children cry when he performed his ritualistic cat executions.  He would laugh at them.  “It’s just a stupid cat!” he would laugh.  Something about the pain of children got him off.

Then he would pray.

As he got older with a large, happy family and a stable, well-paying, highly-respected job in his church, his perversions grew.  He gained a taste for pre-teen girls, seeking them out at his daughter’s sleepovers.  He was trusted by all.  The last person anyone would suspect.  He would suddenly walk out of the shower naked.  Apologetic.  Stating he did not know they were there.  He would creep into their rooms late and night and reach under their blankets to touch them.  Put his penis in their hands.  Whisper sweet nothings until he came.

Then he would pray.

One girl had the bravery to speak against him.  He was caught so he gave himself to the police.  Admitted his heinous crimes.  Pleaded for forgiveness.  Explained that it was only a moment of weakness.  Others in his church rallied to him, objecting to his arrest.  Insisting he be set free.  Even the parents of the girl believed in his sincerity.  “We forgive him,” they said.  “He is a holy man.”
He sentence was light.  He would get out to make more money.  To be free.

To prey again.


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