Story#28: Grandpa’s Stories

“In the 1970s, kids were still allowed to walk the streets unsupervised.”

Mark rolled his eyes.  Grandpa was at it again with his stories.

“I got caught peeing on the sidewalk one time,” Grandpa laughed.  “My mom beat me good for that one.”

Mark tried to leave.

“Then there was the dime store around the corner that had ever kind of candy you could imagine:  Bottle Caps, Jujubes, Mike and Ike’s, Blow Pops, Lemonheads, Juicy Fruit, Abba Zabba, Fun Dip, Rolos, Bazooka bubble gum with the little cartoons, and Cracker Jacks with the toy surprise in the pack.”

Mark sighed loudly.

“Then there was the time my old brother decided to take my younger brother and I to the dime store on his bike.  My younger brother sat on the handle bars while I stood on the bolts of the back tire.  Off we went.  And down we fell!  My foot got caught in the spokes of the tire.  My poor older brother had to carry me all the way back home, screaming and crying.  I’m sure he felt terrible about the whole thing.  So they took me to the hospital to get an x-ray.  Thankfully it was only a sprain.  My dad brought me one of those candy necklaces.  I got to stay home from school for a few days, which drove my mother crazy.”  Grandpa got a wistful faraway look.

“Makes me wonder about all the things we forget…” he said.

Mark could care less.

Until Grandpa died.  And Mark realized all that he had taken for granted.  All that he had lost.

Then he would have given anything to hear muse one more of Grandpa’s stories.


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