Story#30: The End of the World

One day the world suddenly came to an end.


It didn’t happen in the Wargames kind of way, with an all out nuclear apocalypse.

There was no 2012-like cataclysmic global disaster.

A Y2Kish computer take over was not the cause.

There was no Matrix/Irobot/A.I. mechanical uprising.

There was no War of the Wars/Mars Attacks/The Day the Earth Stood Still alien invasion.

There wasn’t even one of those giant Armageddon asteroids.

There wasn’t even a mysterious black hole.

Nothing Mad Maxish happened in relation to resources like oil and water and food.

No Biblical plagues that wiped out mankind.

The Earth was not even sucked into the sun.

It did not turn into a landless Water World.

It did not explode.

It did not implode.

A horrific 12 Monkeys super virus did not eliminate all life on the planet.

Genetically mutated I Am Legend creatures did not consume all living things.

There was no hideous biotechnical war.

No war of any kind was the culprit.

There were no zombies.

There were no vampires.

Animals did not go insane and wipe out the human race.

Humans did not go insane and wipe each other out.

God did not descend onto the world to bring the end of times.

And no one woke up to realize that it had all been just a dream.

The end came slowly.  Almost invisibly.  It just sort of happened without anyone knowing it was happening.  In an wholly inexplicable way.

And the real scary thing is, it’s happening right now.  But no one can really see how.


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