Story#31: Money Money Money

Try as he might, he could not stop worrying about money.

Most waking hours he spent attempting to focus on living his life as he constantly pushed thoughts of money out of his mind.  Thoughts about never having enough or always being on the edge or not being able to save for the future or for retirement.

Thoughts about money even permeated his dreams.

In one he was guarding a large pile of bills.  All of them were hundreds so there must’ve been at least a few thousand dollars.  Then, inexplicable, he picked up a gas can, dumped it over his stash, struck a match, and tossed it into the pile.  As the money when up in a puff of blue flame, he woke up in cold sweat.

In a second he was putting stacks of hundreds in a large truck.  There must have been a hundred thousand dollars or more.  He dragged it to the backyard where he buried in somewhere in the grass.  Flash forward and suddenly he was out of a job.  Desperately he dug where he was sure he had buried the money.  He did not find it.  He dug another hole.  And another.  And another.  But could not find the money.  He threw down his shovel and sunk to his knees screaming, waking himself up in the process.

In a third he was mysterious proclaimed king of the land where he was given heaps of gold, jewels, and money.  But no sooner did he settle into palace life when his castle was attacked.  His knights and servants were murdered in front of him.  Then he was brought before the leader of the band of marauders.  The leader was a large man with a gnarly beard.  He was tossed before the leader and forced to his knees.  The leader grinned with a toothless snarl before raising a rusty blade and slicing it toward his neck.  He jumped out of bed just before he met a nightmarish demise.

He kept trying and trying to forget about money until one day things got easier.  He was making enough to pay the bills.  To save some extra.  To put some away for retirement.

That was when he died, and the pointlessness of money was driven home.

At least he would never have to deal with the ridiculousness of money again.

He only wished he could tell those he left behind that they didn’t have to worry either.


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