Story#35: The Rainbow


A rainbow appeared in the sky.  It was big and bold and beautiful, as rainbows often are.

Because it was new to the world, the rainbow knew nothing.  It especially did not know that it’s life was finite and would be ending very soon.

A jaded storm cloud, who was jealous of the rainbow’s colors, decided to mess with the rainbow.

“You can live forever,” the storm cloud smirked.  “If you follow the horizon until you touch the sun.”  Which of course was impossible.

But because the rainbow did not know that the sun was millions of miles away, the rainbow tried to chase the sun.  It stretched as hard as it could into the distance causing its bright colors to slowly fade.

The rainbow could hear the storm cloud laughing as it began to disappear.


The next day, a second rainbow appeared.

The bitter storm cloud played his trick again.

And the second rainbow vanished into the ether.


The storm cloud tricked countless rainbows this way until one day a mountaintop saw what he had done.

“Stop!” the mountaintop boomed.  Few elements on the planet were as old and wise as this mountaintop.  He immediately saw through the storm cloud’s ruse.

“Come and rest yourself on my mountaintop,” he said to the rainbow.  “And I will tell you tales of hope and happiness.”

So the rainbow joined the mountaintop who told the rainbow the truth of rainbows:  “They are short but sweet.”

This rainbow lasted much longer than the ones who had come before.  And when it faded, it left the world with joy as opposed to fear which left the hapless storm cloud wanting.

As a result the storm cloud also disappeared from the world, never again to bother another rainbow.


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