Bonus Story: The Devil and Sin

The Devil made a wager with Sin.

“Sin,” he told her.  “If you can tempt one person to do the right thing, I will make you my second in command.”

It was the cushiest job in Hell.  “And after centuries of grueling work on the front lines, it would be a welcome relief,” Sin thought.

So she signed the wager, promising to become the Devil’s eternal slave if she failed. She had thirteen days to make it happen.

But when she got back to Earth, Sin quickly discovered that it would not be as easy as she had hoped.  Getting someone to do something good was simply against her nature.  In fact, when it came right down to it she had no idea what being good meant.

On the thirteenth day, the Devil threw a huge a party.  Everyone who was anyone attended.  He wanted them all to witness first hand his defeat of sin.

When Sin finally arrived the whole of Hell was quiet, waiting to watch her writhe in humiliation.

“So,” the Devil greeted.  “Have you gotten anyone to do a good deed?”

“No,” Sin admitted quietly.  “I have not.”

“Well then,” the Devil grinned as he brought out his heaviest iron chains.

Then Sin reached around her back and brought forth a small bundle.

“But I have a present for you,” she said shyly.

“Very well,” the Devil said in a tone of boredom.  “Hand it over.”

She did.

“What is this?” the Devil screamed, holding up a new born child.

“I found this dead newborn child,” Sin said sadly.  “And so I brought it to you.  And now I am making it your choice.  You can cast the child into your fiery pit, or show mercy by letting it go to Heaven.”

The Devil’s countenance dropped.  He nearly dropped the baby, but even the Devil is no that cruel.

“Take it away!” he shouted forcing the newborn into Sin’s arms.  “Bring it to Heaven!  I may be hatred incarnate, but I am no monster…”

And so Sin did not become the Devil’s slave but instead became his right hand, for even the Devil cannot control the wages of Sin.


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