Story#42: Longing for the Moon

The moon was lonely.

It was a hard job lighting up the night sky while everyone else was sleeping.

One day the moon took up singing in order to pass the time.  She sang songs about boredom and sadness.  Then she sang songs about love and loss.

A passing cloud heard the moon’s melancholy songs and stopped to give a listen.  The moon’s song touched him so deeply that he began to weep, which of course formed rain.  The rain washed over the earth causing it to feel refreshed and new.

“That feels good,” the earth said to the cloud.  “Thank you.”

“Thank the moon,” the cloud replied.  “Her sad songs made me cry.  And every time I cry I feel lighter,” the cloud said as he floated away.

So the earth became very interested in the moon.  He started watching her from afar.  But the earth was shy and could not get himself to address her.  He just continued to watch her sing.

And eventually the earth fell in love with the moon.

It went on for centuries this way, with the moon singing her sad songs and the earth quietly listening.  Then, unexpectedly, the moon stopped singing one day.  The earth was confused and grew anxious.  Why had the moon suddenly ended her songs?

“Moon,” the earth called.  “Oh moon.”  But the moon did not answer.

For whatever reason, she had given up.

The earth was filled with longing.  Why had he never tried to talk to her, tried to tell her how beautiful her singing was.  The longing turned to regret.  And the earth was left to wonder for eternity what might have been.


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