Story#44: The Animals

One day all the animals got together in order to talk about man.

“Something has to be done about man,” boomed a lion.  “He’s accosted us long enough.”

“Man is sick,” grumbled a rhino.  “He cuts us up to for our body parts for god only knows what purpose.”

“He uses our tusks for all kinds of bizarre things,” roared an elephant.

“At least when he kills you he doesn’t wear your skin on his back,” snarled a beaver.

“That’s nothing,” squawked a chicken.  “Does he raise you by the millions in cages so tiny that your feet fuse to the bottom?”

“He kills us all at his whim!” yelled a bear.  “No one is safe from his homicidal tendencies.”

“And he cuts down entire forests,” screamed a chimpanzee.  “Slowing turning the world into an empty wasteland.”

“He’s a waste of space,” spat a snake.  “If you ask me.”

Then all the animals were quiet for a long.

“Let’s kill him!” hissed the snake.

“Cut off his head!” growled the bear.

“Chop him into itty bitty pieces!” stamped the rhino.

“We can do all that,” sighed the lion.  “But in the end it will make us no better than him.”

“Then what do we do?” said the elephant in a bewildered tone.

“We survive,” said a small voice high in a tree.

“Who was that?” asked the beaver.

“It was me,” said an owl as it landed on the ground so everyone could see it.  “We outlive man.  It’s all we can do.”

“And how do we do that?” scowled the snake.

“We keep living,” said the owl simply.  “Until man has destroyed himself.  And when he is gone, we can be happy again, and free.  But until then…”

He did not have to continue.  The animals knew what to do.  And so they did.


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