Story#47:  The Battle of Feastings Day

Tom held up his spear as he lifted his head toward the approaching dawn.  A chill passed through him causing his feathers to shift with an audible ruffle.  He glanced across the enormous empty field before him and thought back to where this all began.

In the early days Farmer Ben had seemed like a good man.  He gave Tom and his family and friends a safe place to rest at night and dutifully supplied them with meals of delicious hearty grain. During that time, Tom was a first year and not yet fully grown.  He watched as the larger of flock scrambled to get the most grain, slowly growing larger and fatter.  Around about Fall the food became even more plentiful, so that everyone was able to gorge themselves.  And just as life began to seem sweet beyond imagining, Farmer Ben turned on them.  He and his men began to forcefully grab the largest of the flock and string them up by their legs.  Then they took up large blades and the slaughter began…

It was a horrifying imagine that never seemed to leave Tom’s mind. It was why he learned to fashion and use weapons, why he had taught the few that remained of his family and friends how to use them too.  And why now a year later he was standing in the field with his family and friends fully armed, waiting for Farmer Ben to appear, waiting to take his revenge.  


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