Story#52:  The End

It came without fanfare, as most endings do.  There was no big party, no celebration or toast. It simply came and went, and that was the end of it. And in fact, it was all but forgotten within a week or two.  All but by him of course.  The one who created it.  To him, it would never leave his mind.  It was the result of a year’s work.  A significant piece of his life.  A good bit of his soul.  And in the years to come, he would sometimes wonder if it had touched anyone in any way.  But such thoughts are best not to dwell on.  Most often he liked to think of it as a beginning, because beginnings can hold the promise of hope and possibility.  At least, that is what he liked to believe.

And so, there is only one thing left to say.

The End.


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